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What is AO

Academic Opportunities (AO), is designed for academic work of the student’s choice. This time is to be used for make-up work, homework, research, reading, academic assistance or any other academic activity. It is absolutely imperative that this time be preserved for academics only. Each student is assigned to a teacher during AO Period.

To be released from the assigned AO period for academic assistance students must follow these procedures:

  • Students must arrive at AO period on time.
  • The teacher may limit the number of students allowed in the room.
  • Students must have a valid SPHS ID card with a working QR code on the card.
  • If the student does not have an ID card with a working QR code he/she must remain in the assigned AO.
  • Students must present ID card to the teacher for scanning when entering the class.
  • If a student is not on the teacher’s regular class roll, he/she may not be in that teacher’s AO.
  • Students must have academic work specific to the teacher’s class.
  • Students may not leave the classroom after AO has started.
  • Substitute Teachers may have their assigned AO students in the class.
  • Substitute teachers do not have the capability to scan students in for attendance. Students should return to assigned AO.
  • Academic environment must be maintained at all times.