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What is Dual Enrollment

Dual Enrollment FAQs

Hoover City Schools will allow students to earn dual enrollment credit from Jefferson State Community College, Lawson State Community College, University of Alabama Early College, and UAB. Please see the list of Frequently Asked Questions below if you are considering dual enrollment for your student.

What is dual enrollment?

Dual Enrollment offers high school students the opportunity to earn college credit concurrently while in high school. Students may receive both high school and college credit through dual enrollment. Earned credit will transfer to the student's attending college following high school graduation. Students may begin earning dual enrollment credit the summer following their sophomore year of high school.

Can I graduate early by taking dual enrollment?

Yes. One semester of college credit is equivalent to one carnegie unit (year of high school credit). A high school student must earn a minimum of 24 credits to graduate. Students that graduate early from Spain Park High School will have a graduation date posted to their diploma but will not be able to participate in an earlier graduation ceremony.

Does dual enrollment have admission requirements?

Yes. UA Early College admission requires a cumulative 3.0 grade point average, a completed application for admission, successful completion of the Gateway Course, and a minimum of a 2.5 grade point average in all dual enrollment coursework.
Jefferson State requires a cumulative 3.0 grade point average and a completed application for admission for academic college transferrable courses and a minimum of a 2.5 grade point average for career technical dual enrollment.

How do I apply for dual enrollment?

UA Early College:

Visit UA Early College for more information. 
An application, application fee, academic intent form, essay, high school transcript and a school approval form signed by Mr. Prater or the grade level counselor.

Jefferson State:

Students complete the online dual enrollment application. An application, high school transcript, and a form signed by Mr. Prater or the grade level counselor indicating the academic intent are required for admission.

Are classes taken on-campus or online?

Both options are available. Most students attending Jefferson State for dual enrollment attend classes on the Jefferson State Shelby campus. UA Early College courses are taught online following the successful completion of the Gateway Course with the exception of the summer residential program. The summer residential program allows students the opportunity to take two college courses, live on campus, and benefit from nightly study sessions and social activities.

What is the UA Early College Gateway Course?

The Gateway Course (UAEC 200) is ~4 week course that teaches students to be successful online learners. This is a pass/fail course that awards 2 hours of college elective course credit. Most students take this course now or over the summer. Upon successful completion students are cleared to take core academic classes for dual enrollment.

How much does dual enrollment cost?

UA Early College offers an automatic scholarship for all dual enrollment students equalling $168.00 discount per credit hour. A 3 credit hour course through UA Early College is $432.00.
Jefferson State CC is $140.00 per credit hour and a 3 hour course is $420.00.

Should I participate in dual enrollment instead of AP options at SPHS?

Always follow the recommendation of your current teachers for curriculum choices. Spain Park High School students have the benefit of AP or Dual Enrollment to begin earning college credit prior to high school graduation. Please remember that dual enrollment begins a student's college transcript; unlike AP coursework where the grades do not go with the student to college but credit is awarded based on a specific university's score acceptance policy and how the student performs on the course specific AP examination. However, students that successfully complete their dual enrollment coursework are guaranteed college credit and do not rely upon an end of course assessment to be awarded college credit.

How do I know if a college dual enrollment course will equal the core high school course required for high school graduation?

Please see Mr. Prater or your grade level counselor prior to registering for your dual enrollment course. An example of an acceptable course for dual enrollment would be US History 203 and 204 to give credit for US History 11 or English 101 and 102 to give credit for English 12.

What if I fail a dual enrollment course required for graduation?

Students that fail a dual enrollment course required for graduation will have to make up that credit in order to be granted a high school diploma.